Cambodian Project Budget

I am hoping to raise at least $6635. See my project description.

Transportation Expenses
Flight ORF to REP $2700
Regional flight REP to PNH $450
Local transportation $100
Select Personal Expenses
Missed work (no vacation time) $1000
Boarding my dog $150
Emergency insurance $150
Food 17 days, (42 meals) @ $15/day $255
Guesthouse* (18 nights @ $10 per night) $180
Initiative Expenses
Donation* to the PLF $500
Teacher workbooks $50
Laser printer $600
Extra toners (2) $300

* The guesthouse where I am staying is owned and operated by the Ponheary Ly Foundation. Ponheary is a great woman who helps more than 600 poor kids to attend Wat Bos Primary School, and her foundation helps over 2000 kids attend schools in all of Cambodia. As a volunteer staying in her guesthouse, the normal rate of $40 per night is reduced to $10. As a thank-you for her gesture and to support her work in sending poor children to school, I would like to include a $500 donation to her foundation.
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